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Welcome back to the IGN Movies Podcast!

This week, Jim Vejvoda, Ahmad Childress and Tom Jorgensen weigh in on all the movies stuff that went down at San Diego Comic-Con, particularly from Marvel Studios and the DC Extended Universe.

We also discuss Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Shazam!, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Atomic Blonde, The Emoji Movie, Stephen King's It, and the current state of the Alien franchise,

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We're baaaaa-aaaaack! Yes, we're months overdue but the brand new IGN Movies Podcast is finally here!

Succeeding where our previous show, the now-retired Keepin' It Reel, left off, IGN Entertainment's Jim Vejvoda and Terri Schwartz are back to talk about movies, movies, and movies!

In this premiere episode, we're joined by our video producer Tom Jorgensen to talk FULL SPOILERS about Spider-Man: Homecoming! (Save and listen to this podcast AFTER you've seen the new Marvel movie because otherwise, well, we'll spoil it for you, duh!)

As this is just our first episode, expect some fine-tuning ahead and a different format in future episodes than Keepin' It Reel listeners were accustomed to, with a less news-driven angle and more opinion and topic-driven discussions instead.

Also, and this is important, don't expect this to be a weekly show. Given our busy schedules, which often involve events and travel that take us out of the office, it's more realistic to expect the IGN Movies Podcast to drop every two weeks. (We're still aiming at end of week publish times!)

A tremendous thank you to all those who wrote to us or approached us in person at events asking for the return of the podcast -- and for your patience during this longer-than-expected interval. We hope you like the new IGN Movies Podcast as much as you did Keepin' It Reel!

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